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PortugueseCanadian Mario Eustaquio from Nazarenos Club to NASL Ottawa Fury and Canadian Olympic national team

Mauro Eustaquio, 20, has been playing on the Canadian national team (pictured DR)
Mauro Eustaquio  leaves Nazarenos to play in the NASL 

At age seven, Mauro Eustaquio initiating the dream of being a footballer. A desire that needed time to take shape. Played for five years in Canada, where the amateur level, covering the young ages of some clubs in Leamington, Ontario. This route would be discontinued at age 12.The family opted to return to Portugal, but Mauro, leaving all childhood peers, not folded.Installed in Nazareth was there that chose to continue to pursue his dream. The performance of this medium, which stood for the excellent right foot, opened the doors of the Uniao Leiria club which then occupied a prominent space in Portuguese football. There grew and gained another rhythm. The problems, both in financial statement and, led him to new experience, this time at Sporting Pombal and then in Naval. spite of being called to a stage of watching the national U-18 Portuguese, Mauro not debuted. Until Canada, land that has not forgotten it arose. Some people connected to football did not lose his trail. Until Mauro decided. «I chose to play for Canada. It is a country that tells me a lot and opened all the doors of my career. I've played several times for the first team at the moment and my great dream is to represent Canada at the Olympics, 'says the midfielder, 20, who is preparing to sign a professional contract in the first row from Ottawa Fury club Canadian participating in the NASL, North American Soccer League and what part to this season as one of the favorites to go up to the MLS (main American League). «I will sign for two seasons. The invitation came from the coach of Team Canada's Sub.20. Is fan of my football and gave my contact to the club that watched me and contacted me. Marc Dos Santos, manager, showed me a very interesting project and the conditions they offered me were very good. I did not hesitate to accept. " The adventure begins today with the signing of the new contract. Then returns to Portugal where he will play for the last time with the sweater Nazarenes (counts four goals this season). On January 12, bids farewell to the Guiense. «I am prepared and very confident because I will find my happiness. I have great confidence in my abilities and go to a club that is growing and has great ambitions. " 
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omeMauro Antunes Eustáquio
NacionalidadeCanadá Canadá
Nascimento1993-02-10 (20 anos)
NaturalidadeLeamington - Ontário - Canadá Canadá
ParentescosIrmão de Stephen Eustáquio
Pé preferencialDireito
Altura180 cm
Peso72 kg
Redes sociais 
ClubePortugal Nazarenos
AgenteKevin Antunes - Kafute
2012/13PortugalNaval [Praia]
2012/13PortugalSp. Pombal
2011/12PortugalU. Leiria [Jun.A S19]
2010/11PortugalU. Leiria [Jun.A S19]
2009/10PortugalNazarenos [Jun.B S17]
2008/09PortugalNazarenos [Jun.B S17]
2007/08PortugalNazarenos [Jun.C